.....where music and culture intertwine to create a truly remarkable experience. Join us for a celebration like no other, bringing together renowned artists, emerging talents, and passionate music enthusiasts from around Asia, to the Liszt Music Academy in Hungary - a rare experience that is open only to the top music students. Audition required. 

欢迎来到亚洲音乐节,透过音乐与文化交流来让这一趟的旅程彼此留下令人难忘的体验。欢迎加入我们,参与这场独一无二的庆典,此 音乐节聚集了来自亚洲各地的知名艺术家、新晋才华和热情的音乐爱好者,且有机会到匈牙利的李斯特音乐学院观摩——这是一次难得的体验,仅对顶尖音乐学生开放。需要试听。

  • Immerse yourself in the rich culture and vibrant tapestry
  • Experience the Christmas warmth and delights of Hungary
  • Get up close with the musicians in the iconic Liszt Music Academy
  • Captivate your senses and touch your soul, creating memories (with musicians and parents) that will last a lifetime
  • Masterclasses and workshops led by world-class instructors
  • Refine your skills, and ignite your creative potential in a collaborative environment
  • Excellent students will receive a handwritten letter of recommendation from the masters and an official certificate. This is greatly beneficial for middle school DSA interviews and MEP applications, as well as for international students applying for high schools and studies abroad.

  • 沉浸在丰富的文化和充满活力的画卷中
  • 体验匈牙利圣诞节的圣诞温暖和喜悦
  • 在具有标志性的李斯特音乐学院近距离接触音乐家们
  • 刺激你的感官,触动你的灵魂,并创造共存终身难得的回忆(与音乐家和家长们一起)
  • 由世界级导师主持的大师班和研讨会
  • 在协作环境中提高您的技能并激发您的创造潜力
  • 优秀的学生将获得大师们的亲笔推荐信和官方证书。这对于中学DSA面试和MEP申请非常有益,也对于申请海外高中和留学的国际学生非常有利。


Step 1 - Sign up and submit your performance video online for our physical audition in Singapore. No instrument or music piece restrictions. Video duration: <5 mins. Submission deadline: July 31st. Shortlisted candidates announced by August 10th. Registration fee SGD50.

Step 2 - Compete at the physical audition in Singapore (August 17th, 2024) among the top competitors. Fee SGD100. Finalists will be assessed by Gergely Kovacs, an accomplished pianist who will fly in to Singapore from Hungary. Read Gergely Kovacs’s profile in the Information Booklet. 

Step 3 - Top 10 winners will receive the Master Award. Master Awardees will get to perform at the Gala Concert in the Liszt Music Academy, Hungary. The top 10 Master Awardees will also receive a sponsored masterclass. Meanwhile, the qualified finalists from the second audition will also be invited to participate in the festival, with the option to take up self-funded masterclass. Please check the fees in the Information Booklet.  

*Those who are based in Singapore MUST be physically present for this audition. Other international participants may opt for a LIVE online audition.

第 1 步 - 在线注册并提交您的演奏视频,以用于我们在新加坡的实体试镜。没有乐器或音乐曲目的限制。视频时长:<5 分钟。提交截止日期:7月31日。 入围候选人将于8月10日公布。注册费50新元。

第 2 步 - 在新加坡进行实地试听(2024 年 8 月 17 日),与顶尖选手一较高下。费用100新元。决赛入围者将由一位特邀从匈牙利飞往新加坡的顶尖钢琴家 Gergely Kovacs 来进行评估。在信息手册中阅读盖尔盖利·科瓦奇 (Gergely Kovacs) 的简介

第 3 步 - 前 10 名获奖者将获得大师奖。大师获奖者将在匈牙利李斯特音乐学院举行的盛大音乐会(2023 年 12 月 19 日)上进行表演。前 10 名大师获奖者还将获得为期大师班赞助。同时,第二次海选的入围选手也将被邀请参加音乐节,并参加为期自费大师班。请在信息手册中查看费用。 - 在“信息手册”一词上放置指向该手册的超链接



Submission & Registration:

31st July 2024

Announcement of Selected Registrations for On-Site Audition:
August 10th, 2024

On-Site Audition in Singapore by Mr Gergely Kovacs:
August 17th, 2024

*Those who are based in Singapore MUST be physically present for this audition. Other international participants may opt for a live online audition. You are, of course, highly encouraged and welcome to be in Singapore for the audition.

Actual Tour Dates in Hungary:

December, 2024 (to be confirmed, between 10th to 30th)

提交和注册 : 2024 年 8\7 月 31 日

现场面试入选人员名单公布:2024 年 8 月 10 日

Gergely Kovacs 先生在新加坡进行的现场试镜:2024 年 8 月 17 日

匈牙利实际巡演日期 : 2024年12月左右

*Feel free to contact us at +6588551019 via WhatsApp or email us at